Is better to have two repositories on one Nuxeo instance or to have two Nuxeo instances? Why?

Having in mind that two repositories in one Nuxeo instance (AFAIK) don't have benefits such as transactions between repos, at least at web level, is it not better to deploy two (or more) Nuxeo instances and implement simple actions to do transfers between them using REST ?

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Repositories strategy really depends on use cases:

  • some projects uses several repositories for one application so as to do data partitioning. The main consequence is that you have to deal with a federated search on your repositories, in your app directly.
  • you can do REST communications between two instances. There is no doubt that such REST exchanges (Automation based) between Nuxeo instances will appear in the Nuxeo roadmap, as supplemental plugins, either from Nuxeo or from the community. Note that it is already possible to do remote publishing between two Nuxeo instances through REST (although this doesn't use Automation, as it predates it).
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Any documentation on this remote publishing through REST?