Widget template for mail item into a list

I have the fields displaying using the suggested data.mail.xxx.yyy, and the individual listing templates (e.g. listing_mail_object_widget_template, listing_mail_sending_date_widget_template), however the pagination is giving me problems. I know this method is bypassing the mail_listing_layout but don't understand how to pass the data.mail.messages list AND the data.mail.xxx.yyy values list to the mail_listing_layout.

I get either a correctly populated list(bypassing mail_listing_layout) with pagination problems OR a properly paginated listing with correct labeling and blank fields. It seems the mail_listing_layout has a different pagination scheme than the standard nuxeo pagination and they are colliding. The listing_mail_xxxxx_widget_template(s) generate the correct format/links but I believe I need a wrapper (mail_listing_layout and its associated “field” widgets) to handle the pagination and odd even shading etc.

Question: How do I pass the data.mail.xxx.yyy values to the mail_listing_layout using Studio->Content View->Results->Advanced Widgets->(Layout | Generic | Template)?

On a non-extended mail folder there is no pagination, can the standard pagination be turned off from Studio screens?

What am I missing?

As always, Thanks for your help


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