Edit or Delete default content models

Hello guys,

I wonder how I can edit the default document type: 'File' For example disable the summary tab on the default 'File' document type. I would assume this document type should be listed in the

Content Model > Document

section. But it's not. I can't see any default schema / life cycle either… Nor anything like workflow definition, content Views, tabs… actually all section are empty and I wonder if its normal…

I can create custom objects and edit them, but where do I access default objects settings ?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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At project creation, a default application template should have been imported in your project so that it's not empty and you have some of the default configuration available. Please tell if this is not the case, that may be a bug.

Anyway you can always import it, by going to Settings & Versioning > Application Templates and installing the one that's called “Nuxeo DM Default configuration”.

Note that this is only a small sample of the default Nuxeo configuration.

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Thank you ! this saved my day ! I wonder why I was seing 'File' and other document type in my nuxeo instance even if they where no present in my nuxeo studio … ?

That's because these document types are made available by default in the Nuxeo distrubution.

When you redefine them in your Studio project, you're actually overriding the default definitions (some merging can occur too depending on use cases).