How to add a 'Loading, Please Wait..." message on preview panel?

Preview.xhtml pops up the preview/annotation panel in Nuxeo 5.5 (DM and DAM). This works well as-is except in the case of very large images where there is significant delay in rendering the image ot be annotated. The delay in rendering is completely understandable given that tiled images are created from source for the purposes of rendering in the annotation box. The problem is the delay for large images can be substantial and the user is left wondering if anything is happening.

The annotation preview is handled by a GWT application.

Is there any simple way (within Preview.xhtml) to have a “Loading, please wait” message display and then get hidden on completion of the load of the image to be annotated?

I have tried a number of approaches but haven't gotten anything to work as yet.

Thanks, Bruce.

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Anybody? Any ideas? thx

Laurent Doguin posted an excellent Friday dev article on creating a message for the preview tab. While I will definitely take advantange of this :-) it doesn't address the issue of the annotation panel and GWT. So, I guess it's time to open up the GWT module and add at least a simple loading message for annotations.

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