HTTP Status 401 - Malformed security token?

I just completed a update to our test system and I get the error in the subject line in each of the gagets in the Home Dashboard.

Seems like an OAuth issue and I am a novice OpenSocial/OAuth person. The PostgreSQL db is on a separate machine, do I need to set up authorization (OAuth) between the two machines for the Dashboard to work?

The Document Management works with the remote PostgreSQL db.

Can someone point me in the direction for a fix?

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I re-installed Nuxeo 5.5 DM without OpenSocial and the problem is gone.

I would still like to know or get a reference to how to fix the original issue.


Just did a Linux "upgrade" (several apps and kernel) to the test system mentioned above and the error has returned.

Any ideas?


Did you configure something about OpenSocial settings in your nuxeo.conf file? Did you override the nuxeo.loopback.url property?

I will compare the working nuxeo.conf with the "non-working" nuxeo.conf and report.