Custom metadata not persisting after modifications to the project

I created a custom project using studio and created a custom content type. I loaded the plugin and was able to create my content and properties with no issue.

I modified the project and deleted and added new properties. I started getting errors. The stack trace referenced old properties that no longer exist.

What items do I need to clean up when there are significant chnanges to the custom content? What constraints should I follow when making changes to the project particularly with regard to a production deployment.

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Old question, but anyway: can you upload a copy of the stacktrace? When a new schema/property is added, Nuxeo creates the matching table/column in the database. If a property is deleted from a project but the column still exist in the database, as far as I remember, a warning can be raised. But it's a warning, not an error. Also, if this is what happens and you're bothered by this warning, deleting the old and now unused column from the database should do the trick. But be sure you won't have anymore use for this column and whon't regret losing its data.