kv_transient_batchmanagercache table update query is taking too much time in Nuxeo

I am using Nuxeo rest APIs to upload images and some APIs are taking too much time on less tps (tested for 4 and 6 tps). After monitoring, I found that there is an update query for kv_transient_batchmanagercache table which is taking too much time to execute. Any suggestion on how I can minimize the execution time?

API: nuxeo/api/v1/upload/ Query: UPDATE “kv_transient_batchmanagercache” SET “long” = ?, “ttl” = ? WHERE “key” = ? AND “long” = ? Database: Postgres

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This is a very simple query on a table that should be mostly empty, and with an index on the key column. It shouldn't be slow at all. Please check your database metrics for the reason.

Florent Guillaume is there any document available online which can describe the purpose and details of tables created by Nuxeo?