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I have loaded a few thousand pieces of content in the form of xml files and resource bundles. I am using chemistry to retrieve the content. I try running a single threaded performance test to see the response times. For query by path response times are ~500ms and for select * from cmis:document where cmis:name='' the response times are multisecond.

I am running on windows with a default installation. I wasn't expecting miracles but was expecting much better.

Does anyone know what I should expect? For a better benchmark what would be a reasonable configuration?

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As Florent said, you can get better results.

If you are testing query, you want the database to be fast :

  • check that you are not using the embedded DB
  • check that you applied the configuration advices for your database
  • check that your disks are not slowed down by an other process (like an Antivirus)

I don't know much about the tests you are running, so I can not tell you what numbers you should get.

But for sure, if you tell us more, you should be able to get better :)

We don't have a lot of automated performance tests running via the CMIS connector. The default CMIS perf suite is available here :

The tests are basic, but don't hesitate to make a pull request to add more tests.

They are run automatically by the CI chain and result can be see here :

These tests are (by default) run on small boxes (Jenkins build agents).


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We can't really conclude anything from these numbers without knowing much more. These certainly aren't numbers representative of what Nuxeo is capable of.

What performance testing methodology was used? What was run, how many times? How were measurements taken?

Also what was the server configuration, and Nuxeo configuration? System memory? Memory allocated to Java? What database was used and with what configuration? Was the database tuned? Were specific indexes added?

If your servers are running Windows please make sure that no antivirus is present.

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