Upload file using email

Just an idea: the automatic upload of files sent by email in the content repository. Will it be ever supported?

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You can check the nuxeo-platform-mail features to create documents from messages retrieved on a mail server.

I found the old doc here, i guess it's sill valid and would need to be put on more recent doc: http://doc.nuxeo.org/5.3/books/nuxeo-book/html/nuxeo-platform-mail.html

You can create an “Email folder” in a workspace to check it out.

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where can I find it? Is it an addon avaible on Nuxeo Connect?

Can you give me some more detail or some link of documentation on the argoment?

My bad, it's not an addon, it's available by default, i updated my answer.

Sorry, I'm annoying, I know… I'm trying to configure a new mail box on Nuxeo DM 5.5 and link it to my gmail, so I followed this: http://answers.nuxeo.com/questions/942/nuxeo-connexion-to-smtp-google-mail-gmail However, when I press the button to receive my messages, it returns me the error “Connection timed out”… is ther some mistakes in the configuration? Moreover… to achieve the functionality for automatic uploads, do I need to write Java code or is it provide in the package? Some examples?

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Hi Alice, have you read this http://lounge.blogs.nuxeo.com/2009/05/email-archive-box.html or this http://doc.nuxeo.com/x/UIKe ? There is no code to write. Every mail folder are automaticly updated every 30 minutes.

Thank you very much! I'm trying to connect a mail folder with my gmail account, so the configuration should be:

email: mymail@gmail.com
password: mypasswordgmail
protocol: IMAP
host: imap.gmail.com
port: 993
socket factory fallback: yes
socket factory port: 993
TLSSTart: yes
SSL protocol: SSL

Is it right? It does not work, it gives me Connection timed out. I enabled IMAP for my gmail account… did I forget something?