Custom Filter for a property Of another Document Type


Is it possible to search on a content view of a document type for a property of another document that is related with the doc type of content view? For example can i filter based on a property of parent document, because i want to query only the document based on a property that their parents have. Suppose that in my content view i display a document typed called x, and y is the parent document type of x. I want to filter based on lifecycle of y (which doesn`t correspond to x lifecycle because i have set them each of them custom lifecycles).

Thank`s in advance, Bora

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What you're describing is a relation query and most non-SQL databases can't do them in an efficient manner, if at all. So this kind of feature is not exposed by Nuxeo in NXQL. You should write code that copies the property from the parent to the child on parent modification or child creation/move. This can be done using synchronous listeners.