Nuxeo and Liferay Document Integration

We have created new document type in nuxeo studio named CyberRiskForm.

This document collect information from user about their system security condition.So like document work as fill up form.

Now we have require document to create this type of document from liferay. We saw video of “liferay and nuxeo integration through vaadin” but didn't understand some basic need

  1. Can native integration full-fill my need?

  2. IF it require through vaadin then,

    a) Is there any liferay portlet which i can use for vaadin integration

    b) There is require to fire NXQL query form liferay vaadin portlet, how to do this?

    c) What is extra configuration require on nuxeo side,which not shown in video?

    d) In video they shows that create form in content view , but how to use this form in liferay?

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