Is there a way to display the document count of a folder, inline in the list view?

I am looking for a way to display the content count of files in a folder. I am surprised that this feature is not standard. I see that there was an addon that is now deprecated, called Nuxeo Document Count. Also, I see that Quota is used with JSF but it is also deprecated. It doesn’t seem like a great solution. I would like to see the file count of a folder listed under the 'Size' column.

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The number of document is indicated on top of the document listing (see attachment).


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Thank you for your response. Yes, I am aware of the count at the top. What I am looking for is an inline file count in the list view. Most file systems under the file 'Size' column list the number of files within the folder or the size of the document. I am interested in seeing the file count of a folder before I open the folder.

There is a resultsCount value return by the API call when listing the folder content:

  • Query: Request URL:
  • Response: {"entity-type":"documents","isPaginable":true,"resultsCount":5,"pageSize":40,"maxPageSize":1000,"resultsCountLimit":10000,"currentPageSize":5,"currentPageIndex":0,"currentPageOffset":0,"numberOfPages":1,"isPreviousPageAvailable":false,"isNextPageAvailable":false,"isLastPageAvailable":false,"isSortable":true,"hasError":false,"errorMessage":null,"totalSize":5,"pageIndex":0,.....