What xpath to use for note content (automation api)


I want to integrate nuxeo in another website, so far I've been able to iterate all documents under a specific folder and/or having the specified tags, I would like to also preview the content on the said website, and this is where I am a bit stuck. According to the automation documentation I should be using Blob.Get (slightly older nuxeo version), but I don't know the property the file is stored under, it appears it's not the 'file:content' as described by the related xpath argument.

As I should probably mention I'm having a document of the type 'note', the file in question is an uploaded markdown file, that nuxeo has categorized as such. I've also tried using the note:note properties as I see them in the xml export of the document. But both these options appear to not give me the file, so I am quite curious just exactly what property I should be using then.

When I am using the api call 'Blob.GetAll' i can see the blob I am interested in as an multi-part download, so I likely i should see the blob if i knew the right name/xpath to use in the 'Blob.Get' call.

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According to this page, the "Note" document type does not use the File schema (but it does have the Files one). Isn't the Note content the "note:note" property? This other page says it is a string, though.