HTTPS under Nuxeo Platform 5.5 Virtual Machine Images

Good day to all,

I am new to Nuxeo Platform DM (NDM) so please forgive my ignorance.

I have downloaded and installed the NDM Virtual Machine and installed it in my ESXi environment. Setup went like a charm and everything works nicely.

Now, I want to force my users to use HTTPS instead of HTTP for login in and using NDM.

I have been searching for multiple days on how to get that going but I found nothing usefull. There is talks of Tomcats (failure for me), Reverse proxy (another failure), …

As stated, I am new to this ECM so your help and patience would be appreciated.

Now can i have Nuxeo Platform DM v5.5 function in HTTPS only?

Thanks for your assistance.


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Apache is used as a reverse proxy within the virtual machine.

Lookup instructions to set it up for https (with either a self-signed or official certificate)

Hope this helps.

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Exactly, and you can find the configuration here.


I have a related issue : I have configured Apache virtualhost with https, but I still have links with absolute path urls, in my https url page, starting with http://*** (which is blocked by Apache conf). How to get rid of these http links, and make them https ? Links I am talking about are “my workspace” and “logout” links in the upper menu, but also “delete” buttons that lead to errors.

Thanks for any clue…

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Did you configure the nuxeo-virtual-host header as specified in the documentation ?
Another thing to check would be whether you're overriding the nuxeo.url in your nuxeo.conf.

I had missed RequestHeader part in the doc link above. Once added, it works fine. Thanks.