Where is the location of the copied default dashboard?

Where does the copied default dashboard document reside referenced in question: http://answers.nuxeo.com/questions/3688/how-can-i-have-a-dashboard-that-cannot-be-modifed-by-users

With the knowledge of where a specific user's dashboard is located can I use an Automation chain to change to the user's “home” dashboard using an automation chain? See Reference question: http://answers.nuxeo.com/questions/3421/home_tab-action-does-not-exist

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Here is an answer of the first part of the question. The user dashboard is stored in its personal workspace. For example, for a user Bill, the path would be:


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I do not think you can display the dashboard just by knowing the name of the user dashboard because even if this is a document, the display of the document is suposed to be done through the dashboard container (what you do when you go to the home tab). So if you fetch the user dashboard and then navigate to the document (with an automation chain), you will probably get an error.

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