How can I clean all data of Nuxeo?

I need to install a new version of my application, but I need to clean all data from Nuxeo.

I think I need to recreate the user Oracle but what about the I must delete this repositories so?

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You can drop the SQL tables and delete the binary store folder. They will be re-created empty at next Nuxeo startup.

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The binary folder is located by default into $TOMCAT/nxserver/data or $JBOSS/server/default/data. If you changed the value, you can see it into your nuxeo.conf: value.

(I fully embrace Olivier's answer, this is just to supplement it.)

If you want to get your system to a pristine new condition, you might also want to check the following:

<NUXEO_CONFIG> [any changes to your nuxeo.conf file]

<NUXEO_HOME>/schemas|bundles|lib|plugins|web|config|templates directories

for your custom entries, plugins/bundles from custom development or from studio, any library files, web customizations/web engine, any deployed configs and templates.

Some of those changes will not affect how your system is running, as it mostly depends on the setup of your current nuxeo.conf file.

Most of what I listed could however be treated as “configuration data” and give you some unwanted/unexpected “side-effects” that otherwise would not be present in a clean install.

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