Automation chain - how to use parameters

I have a problem with an automation chain that I want to create.

This automation chain is created in order to find documents in section by using specifcs right access of a login passed in parameters.

It must do following steps :

  • get 2 parameters : 1 for login name, 1 for a section name
  • make connection with login name thanks to operation LoginAs
  • execute a query by using section name
  • return list of documents

This automation chain will be called by a php automation client.

My problems is :

  • How can I use parameters in an automation chain ?

Thank you in advance

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Hi, I m using the Context variable for such an operation chain :


It s called this way from PHP :

$client = new NuxeoPhpAutomationClient(NUXEO_AUTOMATION_URL);
$session->newRequest("Chain.remove_all_docs")->set('params', 'doc_id', $id)->sendRequest(); 
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Thanks for this well laid-out answer pibou :)

Thanks for your answer, it works.

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