Prescribed method to prepare downloaded sources for import into eclipse?

Being completely new to git I followed the Nuxeo-provided instructions to download Nuxeo sources. Then I tried to run “mvn eclipse:eclipse” and that failed almost immediately because maven was looking for the 5.5.0-HF1-SNAPSHOT build in the repository, but it doesn't exist. However, the current 5.5-SNAPSHOT build does exist.

So… I did a mass find/replace of 5.5.0-HF1-SNAPSHOT to 5.5-SNAPSHOT in all the pom files and now mvn eclipse:eclipse runs without issue.

I know this is sub-optimal, but at least it allows be to import all the nuxeo projects into Eclipse. Is there a better way to handle this?

Thanks, Bruce

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5.5.0-HF01-SNAPSHOT artifacts were not deployed in, so if you want to use “mvn eclipse:eclipse” on 5.5.0 branches, you have to locally install them first by running “mvn install”.
Note you should also run the “fixeclipse” script available at root of Nuxeo which makes Eclipse use a “bin” directory for its compilation process instead of “target” in order to avoid conflicts between Eclipse and Maven builds.

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Is there a Windows equivalent to fixeclipse?

No, sorry, there is not. But it would be useful.<br> That could be achieved by rewriting the script in a multi-OS language, such as Python. Or, to write an equivalent in DOS batch, if you feel good enough in that scripting language.