How to modify the form which appear with the drag'n drop ?


How to modify the form that appear on the screen when I choose the “Intelligent import with metadata options”, when I do a drag'n drop ?

PS : I'd like to do it with Nuxeo Studio

Thank you very much

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Is your problem you want to define multiples dragn'drop options ?

I want to customize the fields which appear on the screen.

I created some new widgets related to my project, which I want to fill here

==> I basically want the same metadata that when I click on the "New Document" button (a screen that I was able to customize)


maybe the best way would be to create a dedicated Form Layout, and make it appear here ? Thank you

no idea about that ? As you said, I simply want to define multiples dragn'drop options :)


Your xhtml template is here: nuxeo.war/incl/dnd/dnd-ui.xhtml.

For this template, it seems not possible to override it by studio in this state.

But you can see this documentation

And this Nuxeo tag:

<nxl:layout name="layoutName" mode="edit" value="yourDocument" />
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