Nuxeo Studio versioning - merge capability ?

Using Nuxeo Studio versioning, if I release a version, then makes some changes (current development), tag it for future reference, then I see some problem on the production version, revert to the release tag fix the issue and release it again.

I can now switch between the dev version (which still have the issue) and the production version by reverting to their respecting tags. (I guess its pretty much like a checkout branch on GIT side)

Is there a way I can merge the changes of the production version (production 'branch' as it's called in GIT ) to the current development branch ?

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That kind of feature would be very useful but is not currently available on Studio.

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Thx for your answer. So in that case, how do you manage the multiple evolution between a production version and a development version ?

Well you apply the fix on both "branches". There are some similar needs for multiple users working on the same "branch".

I see. thanks for your answers :)