Creating custom document properties / schema without using IDE

I'm investigating Alfresco and Nuxeo to choose which is better for my company's requirement. The first thing I was looking for is the ability to add custom properties to document easly without the need to a dev tools but just a text editor or something.
In Alfresco community, I was able to add custom properties and apply some constraint using “Aspect”, just by creating 3 xml files and one properties file, no “jar” no “manifest” just server restart.

Is it possible to achieve the same with NUXEO, the is very important as I'm inclined more toward Nuxeo.

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You can do it by naming your xml file with whatever_your_want-config.xml (only the -config.xml part is important), and put it in the config directory of your server:

  • $NUXEO/nxserver/config for a Tomcat distribution,
  • $NUXEO/server/default/deploy/nuxeo.ear/config for a JBoss distribution.
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thanks Greg, is there any template to work on it ?

A template, I don't think so. Examples: any contrib file you could find in the Nuxeo explorer.

if there is no template, then I'm missing important details on how to achieve the task.