How can add a static user into workflow process definition

Hello, In Nuxeo DM I only can use a workflow for simple validation. So when i want to make a packaginig of task for differnt user i need to call another process.

I test to create my own workflow and it work very well. But just a one deal that i need to resolve. What can i do to assign to another user directly into my workflow process definition?

I test like that:

<task name="matache1">
    <assignment pooled-actors="user:myuser1, user:myuser2" />
<transition name="totache2" to="tache2"/>
<transition name="totache3" to="tache3"/>

With this code line i can see my user to the review task but i can't interact with them. Futhermore, the task don't appear into the dashbord of the selected user and i don't receive email ntify for this user.

Can you help me please, Best regards, moise

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