Steps to Deploy Customizations

I've used Studio to create document types and their layout forms. I've also used the Eclipse IDE for some customizations. In my development environment with Eclipse launching Tomcat, it works as expected.

I then tried to deploy these configurations/customizations to another server (same 5.9.5 Nuxeo version). From the IDE I exported the Nuxeo bundle project as a jar file. I took that jar file along with the Studio jar file and placed both in the nxserver/bundles directory of a newly installed Nuxeo instance.

The server started without error and for a client, the login page comes up, but immediately on login, I get an error: 'nxu:test' not found.

When I remove the jar file created from the IDE and try to login, there is no error. Although those files work when deployed via eclipse.

I'm not sure exactly where files are being pushed out to the server when deployed from eclipse, but they're not being jarred into a single file.

Am I following the correct steps to move my customizations to another server?

javax.servlet.forward.request_uri : /nuxeo/nxpath/default@view_domains
javax.servlet.forward.context_path : /nuxeo
javax.servlet.forward.servlet_path : /nxpath/default@view_domains
javax.servlet.forward.query_string :    mainTabId=MAIN_TABS%3Adocuments&conversationId=0NXMAIN&tabIds=MAIN_TABS%3Adocuments
com.sun.faces.util.RequestStateManager :     {com.sun.faces.renderKitImplForRequest=org.ajax4jsf.renderkit.ChameleonRenderKitFactory@73a75853,    com.sun.faces.INVOCATION_PATH=.faces,    com.sun.faces.ExternalContextImpl=com.sun.faces.context.ExternalContextImpl@6f97ec76}
relatedRoutes : []
DocumentView : DocumentViewImpl [documentLocation=DocumentLocationImpl [docIdRef=null, docPathRef=null,     docRef=null, serverName=default], parameters={mainTabId=MAIN_TABS:documents, conversationId=0NXMAIN,     tabIds=MAIN_TABS:documents, tabId=null, subTabId=null, language=null}, patternName=default, subURI=null,     tabId=null, viewId=view_domains]
org.nuxeo.theme.url : nxtheme://theme/default/*/jsf-facelets/galaxy/default/default/edm_brand
deleteActions : org.nuxeo.ecm.webapp.action.DeleteActionsBean@1b387bb0
org.nuxeo.ecm.platform.layouts.LAYOUT_ID_COUNTERS : {nxw_mainTabs=0}
org.nuxeo.theme.default.theme : galaxy/default
org.nuxeo.theme.default.engine : default
org.nuxeo.theme.negotiation.result.mode : *
org.nuxeo.theme.negotiation.result.collection : edm_brand
org.jboss.seam.core.manager : Manager([0NXMAIN])
messageBundle : java.util.PropertyResourceBundle@19406dc6
currentTabAction : TAB_CONTENT
currentSuperSpace : DocumentModelImpl(f7412aea-5cf3-46b4-b21b-004ef34a8f23, path=/, title=f7412aea-5cf3-  46b4-b21b-004ef34a8f23)
stackTrace : javax.servlet.ServletException: Function 'nxu:test' not found


When I copy:

  • Studio Jar
  • IDE Jar to the new instance that I see errors when logging in, as described above.

But when I setup eclipse to point to the new nuxeo instance area and start the server from eclipse that I have no problem.

Eclipse copies some files directly into the nuxeo.war area rather than building and deploying a jar. Why is that? Could that be the reason why I have a problem?

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Hi, nxserver is the directory, but how did you generate the artifact ? You should use export jar from the nuxeo ide menu , not from the default eclipse menu.

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In Eclipse, I right click on the project and select Nuxeo->Export Jar.