Custom Metadata of Nuxeo DM

i am new to Nuxeo DM, installed Nuxeo 5.6 on my machine. I have prior experience with other EDMS tools. now i am trying to compare the features with nuxeo.

I am trying to create a new custom document type and metadata. i can see that is possible by Studio. But its a trail version. Wanted to try without using studio. I wrote some schema files and placed it in plugins folder. Not working. need some help to create a custom doc type with custom metadata. Appreciate your help.

Thanks, Sarath.

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Here is the overview steps:

  • Create a new Project with Nuxeo IDE
  • Create a new contribution as explained here for CoreDefinition into the src/main/resources/extensions
  • Create a new Contribution as explained here for UI Definition into the src/main/resources/extensions

and documentation still here that gives you many explanations.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for you reply bjalon. i gone through the above links,tried to create a componenet from IDE. But not got the error message while creating the component. is there any location that can download a sample project?

Thanks Sarath.


Yes, you can see there And you can see doc type definition here.