Can't log in to Nuxeo Platform 5.5 after installing all hotfixes in a row

I've installed all the hotfixes for Nuxeo Platform 5.5 in a row (installing HF-15 and dependencies), and I get an error when I try to log in with Administrator:

"Error while rendering [THEME galaxy, PAGE default, ENGINE default, TEMPLATE jsf-facelets, PERSPECTIVE default, MODE *]".

How can I fix this?

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hello Solen,

You have to delete all the occurrences of nuxeo-core-storage-sql-5.5.*, eccept the newest one, from $NUXEO/nxserver/bundles At the end, only nuxeo-core-storage-sql-5.5.0-HF15 should remain.

this is a known bug in Nuxeo 5.5, fixed in Nuxeo 5.6

Hope this helps

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