Disable auto-increment on publish?

Nuxeo platform: 5.72 Fasttrack OS: Ubuntu 13.04

How does one configure Nuxeo DM to NOT increment the minor version on publish? I have not been able to find where this is defined, or even configured. I have been given the requirement that the document should NOT auto-increment when it is published. Thanks in advance!

Please note that I am new to Nuxeo and do not have any Java or XML programming knowledge.

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When a document is published, this is actually a version of the document that is published and not the live document. So if your document has not been versioned before publishing, then it has to be done by the system, this is how publishing in Nuxeo was designed in the first place. You could implement a different logic where you put something else than the last version of a document in a Section but then it will not be the publishing mechanism of Nuxeo.


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Okay, fair enough, however, here is what the executives in my company see.

I have set up versioning control so that the MAJOR version is incremented on publish, BUT…

A document is worked and updated by minor revision (in some cases several times), then when it's published, it's incremented again. In this case, say we have Document1 and it's revision level is 0.8 while in "draft" status. When it's published it should be published to version 1.0, instead, it is published to 1.1. The automation chain I have setup as:

  1. Fetch -> Context Document(s)
  2. Document -> Follow Life Cycle Transition a. Value: Approved
  3. Document -> Snapshot Version a. Increment: Major
  4. (Other stuff not germane such as updating properties and audit log)
  5. Document -> Publish a. Target: /some/where/in/my/publish/domain

By logic, this is supposed to increment the major version and publish the major version, yet, on publish, it increments BOTH the major and minor. So instead of publishing version 4.0 it publishes version 4.1. How can I get Nuxeo to publish the 4.0 version? Thank you.


step 4 is about update metadata on the doc? in that case, the doc to publish is not the major version anymore so it recreates a new version (minor). If you invert steps 3 and 4, you should be good :) if step 4 is not modifying anything on the doc, then, yes there is an issue.

Well, dang it. That makes sense. I'll look at reversing that and see if the publish piece works as expected. Thanks for the tips. I'll post back with my results.

Thank you for pointing out the metadata update AFTER the Major increment. That was my problem.