No Preview and Bad Icon on my Firefox when I drag'n drop

I have the following trouble:

  • I download a Powerpoint file into my personnal workspace


  • The icon of the document is not the Powerpoint one but the one with a little green “01” icon alt text
  • Second trouble: When I navigate into the document, if I try to preview the document, server tells me there is no preview
  • third trouble: I can't download PDF version of my document

Please Help myself :D

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Dear me,

If you look the tranmission from your Firefox, you will see that mimetype send by firefox is bad (with firebug for instance on the upload POST request). In your own case, you see this “application/binary”. Nuxeo don't manage this mimetype, so no icon association to powerpoint, no converter availlable to transform from this mimetype to pdf or html (for preview).

You can enjoy to remove this bad association between Powerpoint (ahhh Lovely), and “application/binary” in mimeTypes.rdf somewhere in your application data (for windows) or somewhere else for other OS (I let you find the location on Google).

Have fun !

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Removing mimeTypes.rdf in Firefox profile solved the problem. mimeTypes.rdf was automatically re-created.