How to modify the login page with web ui not jsf ui and also without using nuxeo studio?

How can I make a deployable/installable package to make modifications to the login page? I checked out the documentation for web ui, and could not find out anything related to the login page. There were tutorials and docs available for components occurring after login.

I also read this page -, which can also serve my purpose, but it uses Nuxeo studio. I want to make zip/jar package to get that deployed (thinking in terms of continuous deployment).

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I realize this is a very late response, but if it's too late for you, maybe it could help someone else.

For Nuxeo 10.10 - without JSF of course - and without Studio - you can override the login page using instructions found on the jsf instructions found here:

The login.jsp page is in web-common but the instructions are the same as the jsf instructions. Make sure that your deployment-fragment.xml file contains this:


    <unzip from="${bundle.fileName}" to="/" >
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