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I'm new to Nuxeo and just conducting some product research. My goal is for end users to be able to publish documents that can be grabbed by anyone. My initial thought was to have two domains one where users create the documents and the second where they are published. The second domain would need to have no authentication. Is this possible?

If not would there be a better approach?


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A single domain will work just fine in this scenario. Have users publish documents to one or more sections. The workspaces where the documents are created and edited (and published from) can have different access rights from the section(s) holding the published versions.

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How would I make a section require no authentication. For example if I had Nuxeo setup for HR department and they wanted to share common forms, policies and procedures with employees that did not have a local nuxeo account?

Enable Anonymous User (Guest) access and give read access at Domain level, remove for Workspaces. See the following contribution…