How Can I do a Cross validation with jsf for metadata of a document type in nuxeo studio

Hi, I had defined a document type in my nuxeo studio, this document has two fields: “begin time” and “end time”. I want to validate in the creation time, “begin time” is less than “end time”. I was reading this post: Cross validation with jsf

But, how would I get the inputTexts ids if these are generate automatically with the documentLayout tag? and how can I define the inputHidden in my nuxeo studio?

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In studio it's not really easy right now to get the widget name, but looking at your generated extensions.xml file you should be able to retrieve the generated widget names (generally it's derived from the field name, with a counter to handle duplications). If your layout definition does not change much, their name should not change.

The inputHidden widget can be defined using an advanced “generic” widget, making it use the type “template”, and uploading your template in Studio.

Also note that in 5.7 a built-in “date range” widget type will be available, performing that validation natively.

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Thanks!! I will try it