Nuxeo Drive upload and Drive Edit don't work


We are using Nuxeo Platform 7.4, nuxeo-drive addon 1.5.3 and Nuxeo Drive client 2.0.1028 (on Windows 8).

Currently the synchronization is working well when the files have been in Nuxeo Platform first and appear in Nuxeo Drive folder on a client after.

But when a client try to upload a file (putting it in a synch folder), it doesn't work and log file of the error is attached in this post.

I don't know if you have any idea about what's going on? I will try to disable the automatic update of Nuxeo Drive client and see if it works.

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With Nuxeo Drive client 2.0.911:

Drive Edit is working and I can create folder and folder appears in nuxeo platform hierarchy. But file upload from Drive doesn't work.



Unfortunately there is an issue with versions of Nuxeo Drive > 2.0.911 + Nuxeo 7.4.

Upgrading to 7.10, the latest LTS that has just been published, should solve the issue.

While you're hitting a 7.4 instance, 2.0.911 should work, it is strange that file upload doesn't work in this case, must be another issue…

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