Nuxeo cluster with Nuxeo drive


We have Nuxeo Drive (4.4.3) installed on our workstations. We have 2 Nuxeo servers wich are clustered with HaProxy in front.

We have an external application that will create a document in Nuxeo and add a file to it.

With our application, when we drop a file in Nuxeo, the application automatically executes the url allowing to edit a file (nxdrive://edit …). This should open libreOffice on our computer.

The problem is that the file does not open every time.

Sometimes it happens that the file is added from the Nuxeo 2 while the editing (nxdrive: // edit …) of the file is done by the Nuxeo 1. With the synchronization time between the Nuxeo 1 and 2, the document is present on the 2 Nuxeo but the attached file is not yet present on the Nuxeo 1, so we get a message in the Nuxeo Drive's log: nxdrive.direct_edit No blob associated with xpath 'file: content' for file '/ default-domain / workspaces / xxxx'

After a few seconds, the file is present on the 2 Nuxeos, so we can open it correctly.

When the file is added to the Nuxeo 1 and the editing (nxdrive: // edit …) goes through the Nuxeo 1, we don't have this problem.

Our plans :

  • 3 retries every X seconds or
  • modify our code to force the session ID during calls
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Hi pnux , I am also facing the same issue. Just wanted to know if you got any solution?

Hi pnux, I got the same issue and this is how I fixed it. Add below properties in your nuxeo.conf file.



Along with that you have to configure Kafka as well.

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