Issue on changing icon of Document Type


I want to change the icon of the OrderedFolder documents type with Nuxeo Studio

I managed to do it properly re-creating the OrderedFolder document type in Studio, and changing the icon

BUT there's something I can't do : I can't change the icon of the document type when it's opened (“orderedfolder_open.png”)

So my new icons appear, except when the ordered folders are open, you see what I mean ?

==> Maybe you could implement in Studio :

  • Icon
  • Large Icon
  • Opened Icon

or is it there another solution ?

Thank you

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That is not a priority for now in Studio, but we agree this is a problem. I am not convinced that having 3 icons for the same folder type is the right solution, we need to find a solution for the next releases. A solution in Studio can be to add an 'icon' type in the Resources section. It can be useful in other cases, like favicon customization.

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yep, I agree with you, there's no easy solution

Anyway that something to keep in mind ;)

Have a nice day and thank you for your answer


Yes. The solution in Studio is more a workaround, but which can be always useful, "just in case" ;). It worth it, even if we have another solution for the document type icons.

Thanks, have a nice day too