How to perform a Join on Nuxeo

I was looking for a way to use JOINS in Nuxeo, CMISQL seems to be the right solution, I found this link But I don't know how to use it. There's not much documentationn about CMISQL in the official documentation.

It would be appreciated if you could provide me with links or a simple example explaining how it works.

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What have you tried and what didn't work?

JOINS are indeed enabled for CMISQL when the property


respecting the following conditions:

  • repository uses VCS (ie use a rdbms for storing metadata, vs mongodb)
  • queries are done through VCS (the database), not Elasticsearch

It means that you won't be in the optimal architecture performance wise for executing your queries.

It may be a better option to “denormalize” part of your data either in the repository or just in the elasticsearch index. The latter approach is a design that will be genericised in the future in the Nuxeo Platform.

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