Permalinks in templates?


The answer to this question might be trivial. But i didn't solve this problem yet.

Here is a template to generate a CSV document, implemented in Nuxeo Studio. Output is a list of documents, and associated meta datas, in a given folder.

<#list This as doc>
"${doc["dc:title"]}";"${doc["dc:description"]}";"${doc[ "dc:creator"]}";"${doc["abs:Author"]}";"${doc["abs:ProcessLifeCycle "]}";"${doc["abs:orpha_id"]}";"${doc["abs:pat_id"]}"; "${doc["dc:created"]}";"${doc["dc:modified"]}";"${doc[ "abs:ongoingWorkflow"]}";"${doc["abs:abstract_type"]}"; "${doc["abs:invitation_status"]}"

Everything is functional.

Yet, users would like to get the permalink for each domcument in this list.

${docUrl} isn't working, empty output.

What expression should i use to get the permalink for each document in this query?

Thanks in advance.

Sincerely yours.

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