Debugging Automation Chains


I've been testing around with automation chain tracing in Nuxeo 5.8, and at first it was working as it should, but lately, for every attempt of mine to get the latest traces from an automation chain, I get the following message “you can not manage traces”. Just that. Of course tracing is enabled, and I get the message for every possible chain. What is going wrong?

Thank You.

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Sorry for the delay. Were you logged in as Administrator? Its mandatory to get traces when mode is enabled.


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Yes, yes. I was logged in as Administrator …

I cannot reproduce this error on my side.

I told you this because the only way to see this log is here:

if (!canManageTraces()) {
            return "You can not manage traces";

Do you have other logs?

If you can, debugging in Nuxeo code should be in one of these methods:

org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.server.jaxrs.doc.DocResource#doGetTrace org.nuxeo.ecm.automation.server.jaxrs.doc.DocResource#toggleTraces

I'll keep you in touch if more information's coming…


I was indeed logged in as administrator, following the guidelines. But, inn fact this error hasn't ever occurred again since, so I think maybe the session had expired when I was testing … This is the only reason I can think of …

Don't hesitate to give some feedbacks if it happens again, would be very interesting.

Glad to hear that (at least for the moment:))