Multi tenant application development


From last week webinar, I gathered that the 5.6 version of Nuxeo will allow for multi-tenancy.

Can you point us in the right direction so we can make our application, which needs a container (similar to “Workspaces” to holds information accessible to all users of a domain) to be multi-tenant enabled?


  • Our application is a Record (Archive) Management application.
  • We place all RM artifacts (conservation rules, classification plan and nodes, etc.) in a container within the default-domain.
  • We have a custom high level tab (same level as “Document Management” and “Admin Center”)
  • We have many custom actions



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There is the Multi-tenant user-level documentation. Also you may be interested in using the MultiTenantHelper class to facilitate tenant management if you have to explicitly deal with them.

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My question was more about the line of "when is it needed to explicitly deal with them"?

I see two use cases where we would want different behavior:

1) One big company, we want "centralised" classification (Record Management), but we may want to give a "domain" to each company branch. So in this case, we would want our application to not know that documents are stored in a multi-tenant system.

2) SaaS / hosting of our application for multiple tenants, which should not see anything about each others. Here, we would like our application to be multi-tenant aware.