Compliance with industry standards

Hello, I want to know if Nuxeo is Compliant with the following industry standards:

  • OAI: Open Archive Initiative, important for a digital archive
  • IIIF: IIIF (International Image Interoperability Framework).
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Good evening,

out off the box nuxeo does not provide an OAI-PMH interface or IIIF connectors. But they are not so difficult to achieve in general. As the core metadata set of nuxeo is Dublin Core OAI-DC is a simple xml export mechanism to a public OAI endpoint. Same goes with IIIF servers (images export to filesystem) and manifests can be generated from metadata in nuxeo.

It's more a general question of how you want to use nuxeo together with IIIF / OAI servers. At the University of Music and Perfoming Arts, nuxeo is a backend system that exports data to public touchpoint including OAI-PMH (we use an old perl based OAI server still).

Best Stefan

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