nuxeo.xml file does not reflect nuxeo.conf parameter change.

Using nuxeo 5.5, I changed the SMTP configuration in the Admin console, but it has no effect (even after restart). The default configuration is still used (

The nuxeo.conf file includes the correct SMTP parameters (

The issue is with the nuxeo.xml configuration file located in NUXEO_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost which contains the old default parameter.

This file is left unchanged by the restarts. I guess the nuxeo.xml file should be rewrited at each restart to include nuxeo.conf updated values.

Is it right ?

What is the the correct value to be found in the live nuxeo.xml ?

Something like :

<Resource auth="Container" name="Mail" type="javax.mail.Session""pop3"""
        mail.transport.protocol="smtp""localhost" mail.smtp.port="25"
        password="password" mail.from=""
        mail.debug="false" />

Or something like :

<Resource auth="Container" name="Mail" type="javax.mail.Session""${}""${}"
        mail.transport.protocol="${mail.transport.protocol}""${}" mail.smtp.port="${mail.smtp.port}"
        password="${mail.smtp.password}" mail.from="${mail.from}"
        mail.debug="${mail.debug}" />


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You're right.

At startup (or simply by running ./bin/nuxeoctl configure), the file conf/Catalina/localhost/nuxeo.xml must be overwritten by templates/default/conf/Catalina/localhost/nuxeo.xml with the values you customized in nuxeo.conf.

Which configuration templates do you use (what is the value of nuxeo.templates)?

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Here are the templates we are using :


where /data/nuxeo-template/stepnet is our custom configuration. (It does not contain a nuxeo.xml file)


As suggested by Benjamin, check the value of nuxeo.force.generation.

When running ./bin/nuxeoctl configure, do you see the default template in the output?

Nuxeo home: .../nuxeo-cap-5.5-tomcat
Nuxeo configuration: .../nuxeo-cap-5.5-tomcat/bin/nuxeo.conf
Include template: .../nuxeo-cap-5.5-tomcat/templates/common
Include template: .../nuxeo-cap-5.5-tomcat/templates/default
Include template: /data/nuxeo-template/stepnet

The "live" nuxeo.xml (in conf/Catalina/localhost/nuxeo.xml) must contain values, not parameters.

You can also give a look at the parameter value; all the configuration parameters are dumped into a file:

grep bin/nuxeo.conf /data/nuxeo-template/stepnet/nuxeo.defaults nxserver/config/

I've found something interesting.

The NUXEO_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/nuxeo.xml is not re-writed by nuxeo restarts.

BUT, NUXEO_HOME/server/default/deploy/conf/Catalina/localhost/nuxeo.xml is re-writed each time.

So the restart does not write the nuxeo.xml file in the right place. How can I modify this path ?



Ok, that's the issue. It comes from the "target" path used by templates. Look into templates/default/nuxeo.defaults, there must be: in order to get the default template being deployed at root of the server. That's also true for other templates: they should specify the property with values usually equal to . (dot) or nxserver instead of relying on default value.

With the default target value, the wrong path should be nxserver/conf/Catalina/localhost/nuxeo.xml, whereas server/default/deploy/... looks like a JBoss path, I wonder where it comes from. Didn't you mixed Tomcat and JBoss packages or templates? Or don't you have some JBoss properties in /etc/init.d/nuxeo?

Thanks Julien. The nuxeo.defaults file in the custom template was copied from an older nuxeo/jboss install and left "as is". It contained :

Replaced by "", the nuxeo.xml is rewrited with correct values.

Thanks again. This issue is solved.


The *.target property in each nuxeo.defaults file must be named accordingly to its container template. Here, it must be named "" so it won't override the one of the "default" template.

I have got the same problem and I have noticed the following thing: when I restart the server with the start .bat, nuxeo.xml is updated, but if I restart the server from browser (admin center) OR from window services (I have installed nuxeo as windows service with your guide: ) … is there some error in script?

@Alice: Hi, it's not the same issue at all. Please create a dedicated post for your own.

Please prefer to use comment for comments and answers for answers.

Some things to check:

  • Do you have in nuxeo.conf the following line not commented: nuxeo.force.generation=true
  • Do you have in your environment a variable set for NUXEO_CONF
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In /etc/init.d/nuxeo, NUXEO_CONF is set :


Then, in /etc/nuxeo.conf : nuxeo.force.generation=true is uncommented. And there is also :<correct_smtp> uncommented.