Supress Drive Share Debug Screen on First Launch

When Nuxeo Drive is first launched on Windows it ask to share debug information with developers… type an image title

Even if the config.ini has the below lines it still show the message… (I have yet to test if setting the global config would make a difference)

use-analytics = False
use-sentry = Flase

After you acknowledge the debug screen a new file is created in .nuxeo-drive called metrics.state My thought is to include this file after install of Drive to prevent the screen from showing on first launch. Is there a better way?

FILES:   nuxeodebug.png
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You are right: creating the metrics.state will work and is the only way to prevent such dialog box.

If it is an empty file, no analytics will be sent.

If you want to enable Sentry, it must have those content:


And if you want to enable Google analytics, it must have those content:


To enable both:

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