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Hi, I was working with nuxeo studio and unfortunately my trial version is expired.Now i wanted to do some changes in my project without studio for example i want to change the labels of search criteria and add my own labels.I have my project jar file. How can i do this. One thing was in my mind was to decompile the jar file and then change the required xml and then again covert that into jar and upload that jar in the server, But is there any other good way. second does nuxeo gives direct xmls of project or only jars? because i found only jar in the server not my xml files.

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There is nothing to “decompile”, a JAR is just a ZIP file with a different extension. You can open it and edit the XML file as you need.

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I changed the xml file and then uploaded again in the server but unfortunately the changes that i made and not shown in the platform. Can you please tell me the what can be the problem or some thing that i am missing.

My xml is present in .metadata folder i just changed it. Do i need to change in some other files as well?

After changing i coppied that jar into nuxeo/server/nxserver/bundles and updated the server from upate center .But no changes took place!

If you edited the Studio JAR, the changes must apply. If they don't, then there must be errors in the logs.

You can also deploy your custom XML into the nxserver/config folder.