documentation books changed?

Hi, when Nuxeo DM 5.3 was the stable version i downloaded two pdf books to learn about Nuxeo, nuxeo-book-admin.pdf and nuxeo-book.pdf, it seems that more or less they have changed to be Nuxeo_Platform_5.5_technical_documentation.pdf and Nuxeo_Document_Management_5.5_UserGuide.pdf respectively, no? or are the last different documents from the first ones?


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Yes, there has been a lot of reorganization and rewriting of the documentation since Nuxeo 5.3. Technically we moved from DocBook to Confluence Wiki. The books' naming and content is following the organization of that wiki: briefly, one book per theme and user type.

Look at the downloadable documentation page, you will find much more books. More or less:

  • nuxeo-book-admin.pdf is continued as Nuxeo_Platform_5.5_administration_documentation.pdf
  • nuxeo-book.pdf has been divided into Nuxeo_Platform_5.5_technical_documentation.pdf, Nuxeo_Document_Management_5.5_UserGuide.pdf and Nuxeo_Core_dev_guide.pdf.

We have clearly separated the documentation for administrators, for end users, for developers and for contributors (core developers). Plus all the new documentation about Nuxeo IDE, Nuxeo Studio and the various Nuxeo Marketplace packages (~addons).

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