What is the definition of a document's parent?

More specifically, how do I differentiate between the immediate parent and the parent of the parent(grandparent) when using the JAVA code below?

DocumentModel x = session.getParentDocument( input.getParentRef());

where session is the injected session and input is a reference to the current document's DocumentModel.

If I look at x.getType() the type is the parent of the parent (grandparent) not the parent document.

The documents on all three levels are folders (from bottom to top a folder, in a folder, in a folder)

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The code below produces interesting results:

parentTitle contains the Title of the grandparent document.

The DocumentModelList children contains a list of documents in the immediate parent document.

parentDoc = session.getParentDocument(input.getParentRef());

String parentTitle =parentDoc.getTitle();

DocumentModelList children = session.getChildren(input.getParentRef());

log.info("Parent title = "+ parentTitle);

for (DocumentModel z:children){

 log.info("Child type = "+z.getType()+" Title = "+z.getTitle());



Ok, found out what I was doing incorrectly.

    parentDoc = session.getParentDocument(input.getParentRef()); 

should be

           parentDoc = session.getDocument(input.getParentRef()); 

I was getting the parent of the parent and therefore skipping over the immediate parent document.

Pilot error!!!!

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