How to update Metadata for existing assets on import

We are importing assets with metadata in XML-format. To retreive all necessary information out of the XML-file, we created an importer plugin to deal with .xml instead of .properties files. So far the import works fine. However, we are facing a challenging task: Within our business it's possible that we receive metadata updates for our assets (maybe even updates for the assets themselves). If that is the case, the importer simply creates new assets with new metadata in Nuxeo DAM. Is it possible to configure Nuxeo so that assets are only created when they don't exist yet? If they exist we only want their metadata being updated.

Thank you, Christian

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Write your own importer and add logic to check for existence of a given binary (or metadata) and then add or update based on whether the asset already exists.


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Thanks for the reply - but I was hoping for something more specific. My approach was to write my own importer - what I need is the way to retreive and update existing assets as Nuxeo provides it.