Call to query is ignored

Using a Docker instance, a query call on the CMIS JSON endpoint does not return a content with result (even empty), but the same response as if the call was to the repository root. I tried using POST sending form-data with cmisaction=query and statement=SELECT * FROM cmis:document, also GET with {{cmisURL}}?cmisselector=query&succinct=true&q=select%20%2A%20from%20cmis%3Adocument. In both case, I expect to receive a “result: []” content, but the response is the same as if I was simply calling http://nuxeo:8080/nuxeo/json/cmis, starting with “{ default { repositoryId”, etc. I checked the grammar on the CMIS 1.1 standard and it seems to be the right one. I also got it working on other CMIS software. Thanks in advance for pointing at what is wrong on this call.

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