How to configure Nuxeo with Oracle and SQLBinaryManager


I'm evaluating Nuxeo 6.0 for possible future usage in my company.

I already managed to set up Nuxeo with metadata stored in Oracle. This works fine, even if I get lots of type mismatch errors in server.log like ERROR [localhost-startStop-1] [] SQL type mismatch for "HIERARCHY"."NAME": expected 12, database has -9 / NVARCHAR2 (2000), but this is not my question yet.

As a special requirement document data has to be stored in Oracle database, too. I found this link to SQLBinaryManager at bottom. I tried to install that into Nuxeo as a local package but didn't work. I assume, it is already part of default Nuxeo and only has to be activated. I continued to follow the instructions, but didn't work. Then I recognized that nuxeo.templates value is not empty but oracle and nuxeo.templates.includes value is not empty but common. So I append special settings and ended up with ERROR [localhost-startStop-1] [org.nuxeo.common.xmap.XValueFactory] Cannot load class:

This is my (nonworking) nuxeo.conf belonging to this:


and default-repository-config.xml

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<component name="default-repository-config">
<extension target="" point="repository">
<repository name="default"
<pool minPoolSize="0" maxPoolSize="20"
blockingTimeoutMillis="100" idleTimeoutMinutes="10" />
<clustering enabled="false" delay="1000" />
<binaryStore path="" />
<aclOptimizations enabled="true"/>
<pathOptimizations enabled="true"/>
<fulltext disabled="false">
<index name="default">
<!-- all props implied -->
<index name="title">
<index name="description">
For Oracle (Oracle Text indexing parameters):
<fulltext analyzer="LEXER MY_LEXER"/>
See doc at:
<usersSeparator key="|" />
<binaryManager class=""
key="datasource=jdbc/binaries,table=binaries,cachesize=10MB" />

Can somebody give me a proper configuration?

Thanks in advance

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Hello Florent,

thanks for yuor quick response! I am only able to find java source code, no jar. I am not a java developer, nor do I have a java developing environment. A jar contains compiled java code, right? I have no idea how to create that jar from source code. Pls can you

  • give me command lines to create that jar using javac - or
  • point me to where to download that jar (much easier!) - or
  • put that jar as an addon to the marketplace (easiest)?


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No, nuxeo-core-binarymanager-sql is not part of the standard Nuxeo distribution. You have to install the JAR yourself in your Nuxeo instance (in nxserver/bundles).

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