Bundle notification permission

I want to change the subject of the email permission, and i can't find the bundle that contains the permission notification. I'm looking for something like this :

<notification name="test" channel="email" enabled="true" availableIn="section"
      autoSubscribed="false" template="test-template" subject="Test Notification Subject"
      label="Test Notification Label" subjectTemplate="Test Notification Subject Template"

So i need to know the notification name to be able to override it

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Wouldn't it be this class that does the trick?

Hello, i'm in the same case.

I need to change the subject and the message's content.

I'have been able to change other mail template by following this documentation https://www.esup-portail.org/wiki/display/PROJESUPECM/Personnaliser+les+messages+des+notifications but i don't know what is the new permission event nameā€¦

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