Issue when upgrading studio about property lastPageAvailable


i have ugraded my studio project from 5.5 to 5.7.3 and there seems to be an issue with the page provider used in a content view when there are more than (probably) 20 children

view stacktrace

The issue seems to be the same as the one about picture books but from studio

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Do you see this on a specific document type? This is a symptom of a page still using old query models that did not have the “isLastPageAvailable” method. All query models will be removed in 5.8 so issue may already be fixed (see


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Yes, that's a custom document type, but I can't see what's the solution with my 5.7.3 instance. I ve tried to create the same content view from scratch in studio : same behaviour. Do i have to wait til 5.8 ?

I don't get why you would have this on a content view, would it be ok for me to have a look at your Studio project? (in case i'd need its id).



Wrong problem !

After the studio upgrade the “Tabs” > “Content views” > “Main content” had been cleared (bug ?).

I just set it to “document_content” to make my project ok.

My custom content views are working fine

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Sorry but i still don't understand: i do not reproduce the bug you're mentioning, and i don't see what clearing those values would make you use old query models instead of content views…


Well, i can't tell you much either :

my studio project was working fine in 5.4.2

i ugraded it to 5.7.3

i could not access some folderish documents as soon as they contained more than X documents (hence the stack)

i made the modification mentionned above in my "ansewer" and it s working again.


Ok then, thanks for the info, i'll keep that in mind in case someone runs into this problem again.