Update more than one field

I designed a custom schema for a vocabulary. This extended schema adds fields such as code, extra label, etc.

Up until now, I ve used the suggestion widget with searches (create / edit) or displayed information (read) using those extra fields. Quite convenient.

Now, it seems I ll have to store those extra informations in dedicated fields.

What is the best way to procede ?

At the widget / JSF level : retrieve the Id of the entry and update hidden fields or whatever ?

Using an automation chain / event handler that will update the document according to the selected Id ? Querying a vocabulary can be done (easily) in Nuxeo Studio ?

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BTW, I m running Nuxeo 6, so no javascript available server side for automation.

The second solution would thus imply calling Directory.Projection or Directory.ReadEntries in a "run script" operation but I m not sure about the way to call such an operation and all the JSON stuff about parameters and result


Should I make it through


I ve made my way through this problem by importing theDirectory.Projection operation in studio

I m thus able to retrieve any field of the vocabulary

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