Create a custom javascript login page for Isolated mode deployed application

How can I create a custom Javascript login page, that will allow to connect the user to the Nuxeo platform ? I can't find any appropriate method in the API playground.

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Do you mean that you have a javascript application and you would like it to handle an authentication toke, to avoid having to authenticate each requests with username / password ? what do you mean by "isolated mode deployed"?

I was refering to “isolated mode deployed” because of the deployment method proposed in the deployment section of the following page :

I would like to deploy my Javascript application outside of the Nuxeo instance, and to authenticate the user with an authentication form. That will allow authenticate all the next API calls to retreive the documents according to his rights in the platform.

Any idea on how I can do that?

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From what I can see, there is no authentication endpoint in the REST API, but the calls use basic authentication according to, so you would pass username and password in each request. I would also prefer to get a token instead of basic authentication for each API call, however, the latter should work as well for the moment.

You can create/test your login by making a dummy request to


for example, which will then either return a 401 or a 200 status, if you pass the correct username and password.

Looking at the API explorer in my Nuxeo instance, I see that there is a token endpoint, not sure yet how to use it: GET since you need to pass device id, application, permissions to it. (The Nuxeo mobile app seems to be using this approach). But this might be an alternative way.

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A token can be retrieved here: